Welcome To Inner City Ministries...

St. Louis City has 72 diverse neighborhoods represented by 61 ethnic people groups. There is no Assembly of God Church north of Highway 40. Over half of the 300,000 people of St. Louis City do not have an Assembly of God witness. This must be changed. St. Louis has been designated one of the most dangerous Cities in America but IT DOES NOT NEED TO STAY THAT WAY. Inner City Ministries-St. Louis has a bold, exciting plan to reach people from each of the 72 neighborhoods, identify those with a call on their lives, EQUIP them to get AOG Credentials, help them ESTABLISH Urban Church Plants and then facilitate them to EVANGELIZE the neihborhood in which they live. Inner City Ministry has a Southern Missouri District Approved URBAN CHURCH PLANT PLAN that will help bring REVIVAL to St. Louis. We need YOUR prayer and support. This website tells the exciting ICM-St. Louis Story!  

Inner City Ministries Video----PLEASE ALLOW 30 SECONDS TO DOWNLOAD

We've put together this brief video to share our vision and our mission with the rest of our community.  We hope you'll take a few minutes to watch and learn about the critical mission that Inner City Ministries is striving to achieve.