Approved District Urban Church Plant Plan

January 22, 2009

All of the following was unanimously approved by the Southern Missouri General Presbytery on January 22, 2009

Note: Bold references =  ACTION(S) taken:

The following items were duly proposed, 1st and 2nd motioned, discussed, amended and approved by the following: The ICM Executive Board shall be:

-         2009 Executive Board for ICM-St. Louis (Approved)

o    Brother Joel A. Oliver—ICM-St. Louis Executive Director

o    Sister Sherry Oliver---ICM-St. Louis Co-Director

o    Brother Bill Baker-------Southern Mo. AOG District Superintendant

o    Brother Stan Welch----Southern Mo. District Secretary/Treasurer

o    Brother James McAffie-So. Mo. District Missions Representative

o    Brother Mickey Davis—Executive Presbyter

o    Brother David Godbout----Us. Missionary and ICM Director of Outreach---(Add to Executive Board-Approved)

o    Other Advisory Members as needed

Approved items:

I        City Bible Institute to end teaching Live Courses by September 2010

-         All 40 courses will be on DVD and On-Line by September 2010

o    24 Courses are done already on DVD

o    30 Courses will be on DVD by September, 2009

-         By September 2009, be ready to give (at no cost to Church) each Inner Urban and Outer Urban a complete package of CBI On-Line Extension School and first 40 Courses on DVD (20 DVD courses by September, 2010)

o    Begin to develop CBI Extension DVD School System in Inner and Outer Urban Churches with projected goals of identifying, training and   raising up new prospective ministers throughout inner and outer urban areas that will potentially plant new Churches

o    CBI Extension Schools can be used for midweek services, discipleship for lay people, other uses

II       Have the CBI Internship Program actively planned by September 2009

-         Inner Urban and Outer Urban Internship Sites- Identify Two Sites

o    Two Month Internship with memtors

-         Developmental Church Site –Launch City Assembly of God Developmental Church at 4372 Vista by September 2009. Interns by September 2010

o    Four Month Internship Developmental Church Experience

o    (All approved)

III       Add the Following to ICM Staff:

-         Add Rev. Jerry and Linda Jones as Associate Directors of ICM-St. Louis

o    Add Jack Hembree as Director of Operations: -Fund Raising, Coordinate Outer Urban Internship Site, Work with Developmental Church, Facilitate ICM Vision-*

o    Joel A. Oliver----CEO—Chief Executive Officer- Executive Director

o    Sherry Oliver----CFO—Chief Financial Officer- Co-Executice Director

o    Jack Hembree---Director of Operations

o    David Godbout- Director of Evangelism/Outreach

o    (Approved as amended)

VI        Develop DISTRICT URBAN MISSIONS MODEL in St. Louis    

DISTRICT URBAN MISSIONS—Term "District" added (updated action)*

-         District Urban Church Plant Candidate must go through "Assessment Program". Executive Director of ICM and other Designated individuals to attend training to become "Assessment Trainers" (updated action)*

-         Urban Church Planters must establish a budget for year 1 for their Church

-         Urban Church Planters must go through a "Special District Urban Boot Camp" that is focused on Urban Ministries, local and affordable

-         Urban Church Planter must have three local AG Pastors that will agree to serve as Mentors for the first year

-         Urban Church Planters will be considered "Provisional" year one

-         Urban Church Planters need to be given a "DISTRICT URBAN MINISTRY ACCOUNT NUMBER" to which AG Churches can contribute and get Missions Credit

o    Handled through District Offices (updated Action)*

-         Urban Church Planters must raise a minimum of 25% of their 1st year budget before they launch their plant or transfer their Church into an existing empty A/G District Church

o    1st year budget may not exceed $3200/month (Updated Action)*

-         References to and Statements concerning resources from LFTL, Speed the Light, BGMC and US Missions REMOVED—(Updated Action)*

-         Urban Church Planters must be able to meet a minimum of 25% of their monthly budget (including Pastor's Compensation) through their Church Offerings and/or bi-vocational work of the Pastor

-         The District, St. Louis Section and Inner City Ministries-St. Louis will partner to provide the Urban Transfer/Plant with the remaining 50% of their approved monthly budget support for a one year period

-         NOTE: If the Urban Plant brings in more than 50% of their needed budget for a month through tithes/offerings, there will be a corresponding decrease in the support given by the District and St. Louis Section and Inner City Ministries for the next month

-         The Urban Plant will have no guarantee of District, Section or Inner City Ministry Support after the first Year

-         The term "Provisional" will be removed after a successful first year and the District Urban Church Plant will be given District Affiliate Church Status

-         The Urban Planter must submit monthly financial reports for the first year and then quarterly reports thereafter to ICM, Sectional Presbyter, District

-         Accounting for receiving and distributing contributed monies to be handled by the District in partnership with the Section and Inner City Ministries

o    District to handle funds—(Updated Action)*


Respectfully Submitted

Rev. Dr. Joel A. Oliver